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David C. Hoskins, experienced Colorado bankruptcy attorney, provides information, guidance, and representation for chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Call Dave, Today, at (720) 371-9623 or (719) 220-0398

Why Take the Time?  Watch video

dhoskins-14.pngThe sooner you know about your options, the better prepared you will be.  Take advantage of my free consultation and learn how to position yourself for bankruptcy.  Borrowing from equity in your home or from your 401K is unnecessary. We can help you save important assets from creditors and from a bankruptcy trustee.  Sending your hard-earned money to a company that claims it can negotiate with your creditors rarelyif ever, works.  With due respect to the very few companies that deliver a valuable service consolidating your debt, usually you will pay large fees for nothing, while credit card balances grow and your credit rating sinks.  

Bankruptcy will stop the bleeding.

It is truly the last resort, but it works:  credit card balances freeze, payments stop, threats, lawsuits, and garnishments stop, and you gain control over your finances again.  Please listen to this general discussion of bankruptcy.

Visit my discussion of how to prepare for the possibility of bankruptcy for more information and important links. 

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Practical Help

I’m here to offer some practical help. I’d like to answer your bankruptcy questions and explain the law in clear, understandable, everyday English.  I can help you attain the benefits of bankruptcy and avoid the pitfalls. In my series of articles About Bankruptcy, I begin by answering some basic questions like: What is bankruptcy? What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy? What is Chapter 13?, etc.

Practical Advice 

Also, I’ll give some practical advice about attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, and attorney fees. In more depth, I’ll answer your concerns about such things as: Can you keep your property, your home? Can you keep your car? Can you keep a car for your teenage daughter? Will you be able to keep your retirement? What debts are discharged in bankruptcy? And more . . .

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Email me. I'm a Colorado attorney with years of experience in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. Do you have bankruptcy questions? Go ahead, ask! I’m here to offer bankruptcy HELP. Helping to Educate you on bankruptcy Laws, and the Practical solutions to getting a fresh start.

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Call (720) 371-9623 (Denver) or (719) 220-0398 (Pueblo), or email, Today. I offer a free initial consultation. You will meet with me. I will gain an understanding of your specific, individual circumstances. From our discussion, I will be able to tell you what bankruptcy can do for you, what your options are, and what it will take to file a bankruptcy.