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This page contains handouts for my clients, which may be downloaded.

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Welcome to the Client Resources page.  The resources on this page include subject-specific bankruptcy information handouts.  

INFORMATION HANDOUTS:  There are certain issues that commonly occur in bankruptcy.  For the convenience of my clients, I try to present answers to many specific questions in the form of  handouts.  My handouts may be printed from this site, for quick and easy reference, or received in printed form at my office.

LINKS TO HELPFUL INFORMATION:  The internet is full of information.  Some of it is helpful.  Click here for a few websites that I have found to be both useful and accurate.

SIGN IN:  If you are a new client or are seeking a free, initial consultation, my office should have given you a username and password.  Once you have those, please sign in by clicking the "Sign In" link, below.  You will be directed to the applicable resources.

Resources for clients seeking a free, initial bankruptcy consultation:

Initial Consultation Questionnaire  - Completed in preparation for initial consultation with Mr. Hoskins.  From this information, the Attorney will be able to tell you what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you, what chapter of bankruptcy to file, and what it may cost.

Fees & Process - Fee Quote  - This is the form that Mr. Hoskins will complete at your initial consultation.  In this form, your total attorney's fee, court filing fee, and installment payments will be outlined.  You will be offered the opportunity to pay your attorney fees in four affordable payments, plus payment of the court's filing fee.

Resources for clients in the bankruptcy preparation phase:

Advice Before Filing Bankruptcy (downloadable PDF information) - In this handout, we provide important information about the process of preparing for your bankruptcy, including guidelines for completing the worksheet, and some important things that you should not do.

Credit Report Authorization (downloadable PDF form) - This form gives our firm your consent to obtain a 3-bureau credit report; the information in that report will be imported into your creditor schedules automatically.

Required Documents (downloadable PDF) - This is a list of documents that our office needs to review to properly prepare your bankruptcy documents.

Recommended Documents (downloadable PDF) - This is a list of documents that we recommend you collect for your own reference.  Our office does not want copies of these documents, but the bankruptcy trustee might request them.  We recommend that you keep them handy.

Credit Counseling and Personal Financial Management Instruction (downloadable PDF information) - Before we can file your bankruptcy petition, you must complete a credit counseling session with an approved agency.  After your case is filed, and before you can get a discharge of debt, you must complete a course in personal financial management.  Ordinarily, the fee Mr. Hoskins charges includes the cost of both credit counseling and personal financial management; before you purchase these courses, check with our office.

Information Handouts:

    For Chapter 13 and Chapter 7:

Exemptions (downloadable PDF) - A listing of exemptions available for protection of your property from the Trustee.

Real Estate in Bankruptcy (downloadable PDF) - Information about the impact of bankruptcy on real estate, like your home.

Inheritance, Life Insurance, & Other Death Benefits - Information and advice regarding inheritance, life insurance benefits, and other death benefits that a debtor in bankruptcy may be entitled to receive.  Included is a downloadable PDF.

Purchasing a Car Before Bankruptcy (downloadable PDF) - Information and advice about purchasing a vehicle before filing bankruptcy.

Secured Debt (downloadable PDF) - Discusses how secured debt (debt for which you have given collateral, such as a home loan or a car loan) is handled in chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Domestic Support Obligation Declaration (downloadable PDF) - It's a declaration of whether or not you have an obligation to pay support to any child, spouse or former spouse.  This form must be completed and given to the Trustee at the creditors' meeting.  

Protecting the Equity in Your Home from Creditors (downloadable PDF) - Discusses how the equity in your home is protected from creditors and how to protect the proceeds from sale of your home. 

    For Chapter 7, only:

Reaffirmation of Debt (downloadable PDF) - Explains reaffirmation and advises whether it's a good idea.

Trustee Information Sheet (downloadable PDF) - Questions that must be answered, in writing, and given to the Trustee in Chapter 7 cases.

   For Chapter 13, only:

Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation Process  (downloadable PDF) - Describes the court process for confirming a chapter 13 plan.

Chapter 13 Plan Payment & status information - This link is to the National Data Center, a site at which you may monitor the status of your chapter 13 case, yourself.  Just click here, and then follow the site's directions for Debtor Log In or, to register for the first time, Get Started.. 

Chapter 13 Plan Modification Process - Describes the court process for modifying a chapter 13 plan.