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Mr. Hoskins publishes a schedule of his fees and costs.


Fees and Costs of  Bankruptcy

While attorney's fees and costs may be different in your case, the following is Mr. Hoskins' schedule of minimum fees and costs for basic services:

Flexible Payments

Mr. Hoskins will work with you to get your case filed.  His fee can be paid in affordable payments, depending on your circumstances.

Chapter 7

Flat fee for bankruptcy representation = as low as $1,600 (flexible payments; includes credit report, credit counseling, & debtor education)

Court filing fee, Chapter 7 = $335

Extras in Chapter 7:

Reaffirmation = $250 (not applicable to home loans)

Judgment lien removal = $300 for 1st lien; + $150 for each additional lien

Other fees may be charged depending on individual circumstances.

Chapter 13

  • Attorney fees in Chapter 13 are determined by the bankruptcy court
  • Chapter 13 attorney fees, in most cases, will be estimated as $7,500 for purposes of the Chapter 13 Plan.
  • Required down payment = as low as $1,600, plus filing fee** (flexible payments: including credit report, credit counseling, debtor education)
  • On average, Mr. Hoskins' total fees for getting an initial chapter 13 plan confirmed range from $5,500 to $6,500, for cases not requiring the extra services, such as:
    • Contested hearings
    • More than one amended plan to obtain court approval
    • Motions to avoid judgment liens
    • Defense of motions for relief from automatic stay
    • Self-employment income
  • For cases that require extra services , Mr. Hoskins will bill hourly and apply to the court for approval of his total fees
  • Attorney hourly rate = $300; paralegal hourly rate = $150

**Court filing fee, Chapter 13  = $310



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