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A series of articles about the basics of bankruptcy. What is bankruptcy? How does bankruptcy work? What is the bankruptcy process. Etc.

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Bankruptcy is a demanding and technical process, based upon the Federal statute (11 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq.), the laws of the state you live in, and the interpretation of those laws by thousands of judges. You cannot expect to learn all there is to know about bankruptcy law quickly. However, you can learn some basic concepts that will help you make important decisions like: What will bankruptcy do for me?   How does bankruptcy work? Who is the trustee and what does the trustee do? What happens to my property in bankruptcy? Do I need an attorney in bankruptcy?

Once you understand the basics of what bankruptcy is and how it works, the important decisions you must make become more manageable. Please explore these articles to better inform yourself about Bankruptcy Basics.



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The statements of law made here are general statements of law, effective at the time published and subject to change from time to time. These statements are not intended, nor may they be construed, to be applicable to any particular set of factual circumstances nor to any particular person. I recommend that all readers seek the assistance and advice of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer for guidance in their particular circumstances.

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