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How do I Prepare for a Bankruptcy Filing?

Posted by DaveHoskins on May 1, 2014

Puffin.pngEven before you decide to file, there are certain steps you must take once you see the possibility of bankruptcy in your future. Whether to learn more about filing bankruptcy is the first decision you need to make. Are you paying your bills when they are due? If not, can you resolve the problem without borrowing money? Borrowing money creates one more bill to pay; borrowing against the equity in your home or from your 401K will not solve your problem, and you will be using a resource for the future that can be protected from your creditors. When you see the possibility of filing bankruptcy coming, consider taking these steps:

  • Consult with a financial adviser, accountant, or credit counselor to see if there’s a reasonable alternative to bankruptcy.
    • By “credit counselor” I mean a non-profit organization whose business it is to assist people, on a low or no-fee basis, in determining whether debt can be managed or if bankruptcy should be considered.
    • There are many, many companies who advertise debt consolidation or debt relief services for a fee, and who will propose a plan for negotiating paying off debt with substantial discounts. You should be cautious about such plans.  Many debt relief schemes do little for a very large fee and often result in the same or more debt.
  • Consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. To find an attorney, refer to my article, How do I choose a bankruptcy attorney? Knowing what bankruptcy does and what the bankruptcy process is  might help you avoid bankruptcy, but it always prepares you for some important aspects of bankruptcy like  How Often May You File Bankruptcy? and Can I Keep My Property in Bankruptcy?


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