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In this series of articles, Mr. Hoskins describes chapter 13 bankruptcy and related issues, as well as how much a chapter 13 bankruptcy will cost in Colorado.

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Posted by DaveHoskins on December 3, 2012

IMG_1972.pngWhat is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a plan to pay as much on your debt as you can afford to pay. If you have disposable income, you will be required to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay some of your debt.  If you have filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy within the last 8 years, in order to get the protection of bankruptcy, you must file a chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Can Also be Useful, even Desirable, in Certain Circumstances.

  • If you are behind in mortgage or car payments, you can use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get caught up.
  • If you have assets that you would lose to the trustee in Chapter 7, you can use Chapter 13 to keep those assets.
  • If your first mortgage balance is greater than the value of your home, you may be able to use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get rid of a second mortgage.
  • If the value of your car is much less than the balance of the loan, you can use Chapter 13 to reduce your car payment.
  • If you were ordered to pay marital debt in a divorce, you can often use Chapter 13 to discharge that debt.

The amount that you pay in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be determined by the following factors.

  • The first factor is your income; your disposable income must be used to pay your creditors.
  • Second is the amount of assets that you would have lost to the trustee in Chapter 7; you must pay at least as much to your creditors as they would have received in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Third is the amount of priority debt you owe. Priority debt includes taxes and domestic support obligations (family support). All priority debt must be paid in full through the plan.
  • Finally, if you are behind in payments to a secured creditor, and you want to keep the collateral (for example, a home or a car), you must pay the amount in arrears in full.

A successful Chapter 13 plan will pay off all tax debt, child and spousal support debt, and discharge all other unpaid, unsecured debt, except student loans and criminal penalties.



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