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We offer flexible payments.  You can start with a retainer of as little as $400.  We are sensitive to your needs and cash flow, and will structure payments to fit your circumstances.  (Click here to see Mr. Hoskins' schedule of fees & costs)

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dhoskins-14-2.pngFor a free initial consultation about bankruptcy, call us at (720) 371-9623 for Denver or at (719) 220-0398 for Pueblo. You will meet and discuss your financial circumstances with Mr. Hoskins. From that discussion, he will be able to tell you what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you, what type of bankruptcy you should file, and what it will cost.  

Why Take the Time?

The sooner you know about your options, the better prepared you will be.  Take advantage of my free consultation and learn how to position yourself for bankruptcy.  Borrowing against the equity in your home or against your 401K will be a lost opportunity to save something for your future.  We can help you save those important assets from your creditors and from a bankruptcy trustee.  Sending your hard-earned money to a company that claims it can negotiate with your creditors rarely, if ever, works.  With due respect to those very few companies that actually deliver a valuable service in consolidating your debt, in most cases you will pay large fees for nothing, while your credit card balances continue to grow and your credit rating continues to shrink.  Bankruptcy will stop the bleeding.  It is truly the last resort, and it works:  your credit card balances freeze, your payments stop, the threats, lawsuits, and garnishments stop, and you gain control over your finances again.

Visit my discussion of how to prepare for the possibility of bankruptcy for more information and important links. 

Call (720) 371-9623 or (719) 220-0398 now and speak directly with Dave Hoskins, or send him an email.

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